RDWC 2014 | Team Belgium Viewing Party Drinking Game

In order to make your viewing experience of our Roller Derby World Cup adventure even more interessting, we’ve created a little drinking game.

Time for US to challenge YOU!

We’ve made a list of all our little habbits on the track, and it’s up to you and your fellow view-ies to keep track of what’s happening and put your lips where the (shot)glasses are! ^^

Don’t forget to cheer, we’re looking forward to your social media posts!

Click the image below to view the poster in A3-format!

(c) Vinciane Pierart

Belgian Roster | Official RDWC Booklet Page

So, we know who we’re up against for our first games, Greece, Australia & Italy, see you on December 6th & 7th in Dallas, Texas!!

Are you as curious as we are on who’ll be representing Belgium in the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup in December?

We’re proud to present you to our team’s official booklet page!

Click the image below to get a big pdf that you can download and print as poster to hang alongside your bed! 😉
(All pictures and design are ©Vinciane Pierart aka NSP 189)


All pictures and design are ©Vinciane Pierart aka NSP 189

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RDWC Official Bracket | Belgium’s will face Greece, Australia & Italy first

As you might’ve noticed, the teams have been placed into this year’s 2014 Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup-bracket! Belgium holds their spot in Group 5, alongside Roller Derby Team AustraliaTeam Italy – Roller Derby Italia & Team Greece Roller Derby World Cup. Top 2 of each pool will proceed to the next round, the other 2 will play consolation games.

Our first games will be:
– Thu, December 4 – 5:20 PM (Belgian time) – Belgium vs Greece – Track 2
– Thu, December 4 – 9:30 PM (Belgian time) – Australia vs Belgium – Track 3
– Fri, December 5 – 8:00 PM (Belgian time) – Italy vs. Belgium – Track 2


• Full Schedule: http://rollerderbyworldcup.com/schedule/
• Livestream: http://rollerderbyworldcup.com/live/
• Support Belgium through: http://www.gofundme.com/elclgw


Get Belgium to the Worldcup in Dallas, Texas (USA)!

Have you heard? From December 6th on, Belgium will be represented in the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup in Dallas, Texas (USA)!

In order for us to make this trip, we’ll need your help to get us there!  Every little effort helps, whether you buy a merch shirt, donate individually or share our message, we’re more than grateful for every effort you take.

For those who want & can go a bit further, we’d like to raise money in order to recover at least our flight costs to the States. Quick calculation, we’re 20 players, 1 team manager, 3 coaches, 1 official photographer. So that’s 25 people who’ll be travelling to the States at a cost of around €700/person, which makes our financial team travel goal at €17.500.

We realize that’s a lot of money, which is why we don’t just want to sit back and relax (we rarely do!)

For each amount reached, the players will do a challenge! If you have any other creative ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share! We just might make them suffer just a bit more 😉

  • €1000: 1000 push-ups by the team – 20p roster (50/person)
  • €2500: beetroot juice therapy: the team will go on a 14 day beetroot cleanse
    (until their pee turns pink! )
  • €5000: 5000 sit-ups by the team – 20p roster (250/person)
  • €7500:  7500 Squats by the team – 20p roster (375/person)
  • €10.000: the teams runs up/down the stairs of the Atomium
  • €12.500: 12.500 juming jacks by the team – 20p roster (625/person)
  • €15.000: 15.000 seconds of planking by the team – 20/person (750”, 12,5’/person)
  • €17.500: players make a music video/song singing the national anthem/lipdub

Here is what you get in return for your generosity:
PACK 1 – LION – €25
– Get a personalized postcard, signed by all players, from Dallas (int. shipping costs not incl.)

PACK 2 – ROOSTER – €50
– Get a free Team Belgium t-shirt/tanktop
– Get a personalized postcard, signed by all players, from Dallas (int. shipping costs not incl.)

PACK 3 – ATOMIUM – €100
– Get a free Team Belgium t-shirt/tanktop (only available until November 16th)
– Get a personalized postcard, signed by all players, from Dallas
– Get a personalized video shout-out from your favourite player(s)!

Thank you!

Team Belgium Roller Derby

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Team Belgium Sponsortime | Atom

Team Belgium would like to thank Atom Wheels for their lovely sponsor package!

Our 20 player roster is more than pleased with a total of sets of wheels, bearings and toestops!

To top it all off, we  got some nice goodies as well!



Final Roster & Brand New Logo!

First of all Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby  is proud to introduce you the final roster of 20 players who will represent Belgium in this year’s Blood & Thunder World Cup 2014  in December in Dallas (Texas, USA)

  • Bhurt #88 (Namur Roller Girls)
  • Bicky Monkey #18
  • Bundy Nelson #1610 (Brussels Derby Pixies)
  • C.C. Titmouse #85 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Charlie McHell #829
  • Cherry Moshpit #07 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Daisy Destroy #8 (Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers)
  • Decat #6  (Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers)
  • Eve’il X #13 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Evil Spin-Her #26 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • FallWafal #90 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Guts’n Glory #68 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Hipshot #89 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Humpme Bogart #00 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Lilo & Stitches #626 (Auld Reekie Roller Girls)
  • Majin Buu #10 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Miss Miyagi #86 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Olga Volt #44 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Sandra ButtBlock #36 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Todestrieb #6 (Brussels Derby Pixies)

We’d like to thank all players, officials (refs & nso’s), volunteers, coaches, photographers & fans who trained, helped and attended our practices & events. Belgium might be small, but we’re packed with talent and it showed at several occasions this year!

TB copie (1)

And as you can see we have a brand new logo too!

After a poll amongst the 35-selection, this one got the most votes!
We’d like to thank all artist who’ve sent in their logo-proposals, we enjoyed each and every design received!
Created by a wonderful, young artist & Graphic Designer; Anouk Paepen!
Inspired by Belgium’s most iconic structure, the Atomium, she wanted a recognizable, feminine, yet strong design.
> Check her other work through her site and tweet her some love by using @AnoukPaepen!

Vinciane Pierart, Women’s Team Belgium Official Photographer!

TB_VincianeAfter carefull consideration, we hapily announce that Vinciane Pierart has been selected to travel alongside Belgium’s national roller derby team, with her camera in hand!

She’s no stranger, capturing the Belgian Roller Derby scene on film for quite some time now, she’s know for her qualititive and deverse perspectives on our alltime favourite sport!

Have a looksie at her referencial work through the photo-selection she sent in with her application: http://on.fb.me/1oShRad

We’d like to thank everyone who applied!
We love your enthousiasm, cherish all our very talented Roller Derby photographic talent within Belgium & will continue to support you all where possible!


Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby

Women’s Team Belgium is proud to introduce you to our official Team Manager; Whip It Goldberg!

Whip it Goldberg is no stranger to Belgian roller derby!

As a skater, NSO & Head Events Committee for the Brussels Derby Pixies, she’s known for her hands-on approach & helping hands!

Within her own league, she’s gathered experience  in Bout Production, Travel Management and organizing various events. She’s organized 2 bootcamps, 4 home bouts and lots of open scrimmages, practices, fresh meat days and public events.

She’s bossy where needed and loves a job well done, carried by the input of all people involved. She’ll facilitate our communication between skaters & coaches and Whip It will help and look out for our team wherever she can.

We’re convinced that she has the right spirit, attitude and simply has what it takes to be our go-to person! We’re very happy and honoured to welcome her as our official Team Manager!

Here’s an updated list on our contacts:


Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby is looking for a Team Manager (M/F)!

We’ve been working hard to show the world what Belgium is made of. In January we took the win over Team Germany in a very exciting game! We hope to have more of these to come on our way to the 2014 World Cup in Dallas, Texas.

Everyone knows that roller derby is all about “by the skater, for the skater”, but sometimes, you need that ‘little’ extra help. That’s why, on one of our national meetings, the representatives of all Belgian leagues have decided that we’re in need of a team manager.

We’re looking for a person who is willing to overview the organization of our national roller derby team and bring all Belgian leagues together as one.

So, are you a great organizer, who loves to make lists, just to cross things off? Are you a born communicator, full of structure and do you like to boss some people around now and then? Then you might be who we’re looking for!

Note: you don’t have to be a roller derby coach or player, but interest and commitment in/to the sport is an advantage on top of your managing skills.

Job description:

The Team Belgium manager will be responsible for overviewing everything that’s happening within the team, during events and making sure everyone know when to be where to do what

This ‘job’ requires a lot of investment, time and availability. You are fully committed for a whole year (season 2014-2015). This is a voluntary position, you will not be paid.

This can include (f.e.):

–       Follow-up tasks of league reps
–       Sending out reminders for deadlines
–       Be involved in production of bouts/events
–       Ultimate responsibility during bouts/events (from set-up to clean-up)
–       Communication of schedules towards players/officials/volunteers
–       Being a contact person (internal interleague)
–       The go-to-person for players with questions
–       Follows up on timeline, travel schedule, making sure everyone has a place to sleep
–       …

How do you apply?

Send us an e-mail with your previous experience(s), your motivation & a recommendation letter to info@rollerderby.be. We’ll review your application and you’ll be hearing from us asap!


April, 30th of 2014


Official Team Belgium Photographer

We’re looking for YOU!


As you might know, Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby is getting ready to hit it up in Dallas in December this year!

The World Cup is calling and we’d like to bring our very own official Women’s Team Belgium Photographer.

If you’re up for the job and would like to join us to Dallas and take some pictures on and off the track, fill in this application!

Fromout all applications, we’ll launch a vote and the winner will join us!

Before you apply, make sure you’re free and willing to travel around that time, you’ll benefit the same travel arrangments as the skaters/coaches and officials joining us!

You’ll have 2 weeks to register (until 21st of April 2014), where after voting will start.
Final decision will be made by the end of April, which is when we’ll announce the ‘winner’!


Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby