Posted in January 2013

Welcome Tournai!

We’re happy to welcome the newest member to the Belgian roller derby scene, the Rolling Zombie Dolls from Tournai!

The Rolling Zombie Dolls are still looking for members, and have every intention to start practicing very soon! So, to everyone from the Tournai-region, feel free to apply through:

Like them on Facebook:

At this point Belgium has 10 leagues:
– Antwerp: One Love Roller Dolls
– Brussels: Brussels Derby Pixies
– Charleroi: Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers
– Ghent: Gent Go-Go Roller Girls
– Hasselt: Hasselt Harlots
– Liège: Holy Wheels Menace
– Menen: Bad Bunny Rollers
– Mons: Freaky Mons’ters Derby Ladies
– Namur: Namur Roller Girls
– Tournai: Rolling Zombie Dolls

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