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Belgian roller derby leagues are looking for a national coaching team!

Today, Belgium counts eight female, two male and one junior roller derby teams. We’re all working hard to show the world what we’re made of. Belgium has a lot to be proud of, and their roller derby teams, most certainly, are one of them!

It’s about time to put Belgium on the European roller derby map as a whole, with a national division. Roller derby is all about “by the skater, for the skater”, which is why all the Belgian leagues send two representatives to the national meetings, where we discuss the what and what not’s of putting together a “Team Belgium”. The time has come to find a coaching team to lead the national division to victory in the 2014 Word Cup!

We’re looking for 3 coaches, who can (and are willing to) work together.

So, are you an open minded leader with good skating skills, coaching experience and a nose for strategy? Are you open to new ideas and input from skaters and other coaches and can you show empathy when needed? Then you might be who we’re looking for!

Note: you don’t have to be a roller derby coach, but an interest and strategy-knowledge of roller derby is required!

Job description:

A team of 3 coaches will be responsible for the training and mental preparation of the future (female) national team: Team Belgium.

Each coach will have different responsibilities and (if roller derby-affiliated) no more than 2 coaches should come from the same league(*). They have to be able to work together as a team and need to be able to work with a group of skaters of different levels, who often speak different languages (most commonly English, Dutch and French).

This ‘job’ requires a lot of investment, time and availability. You are fully committed for a whole year (season 2013-2014). This is a voluntary position, you will not be paid.

Skaters can apply for the coaching position, but can’t skate for ‘Team Belgium’ and coach at the same time.

Responsibilities of the coaching team (3)
– organize the player-selections (in cooperation with Team Belgium reps)
– prepare and organize regular trainings
– individual- and team progress
– work out a training plan (2013-2014)
– define the team’s & individual goals

Know that we see this as a combined effort, when needed, we’re here to help out or give input. It’s a combined/team effort, so you’ll not be alone in this.

How do you apply?
Send an e-mail with your previous experience(s), your motivation & a recommendation letter to We’ll review your application and send feedback/invite you for an intake asap!

July, 31st of 2013

(*)Note: you don’t necessarily have to be a roller derby coach or player, but interest and commitment in/to the sport is an advantage.

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