Posted in April 2014

Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby is looking for a Team Manager (M/F)!

We’ve been working hard to show the world what Belgium is made of. In January we took the win over Team Germany in a very exciting game! We hope to have more of these to come on our way to the 2014 World Cup in Dallas, Texas.

Everyone knows that roller derby is all about “by the skater, for the skater”, but sometimes, you need that ‘little’ extra help. That’s why, on one of our national meetings, the representatives of all Belgian leagues have decided that we’re in need of a team manager.

We’re looking for a person who is willing to overview the organization of our national roller derby team and bring all Belgian leagues together as one.

So, are you a great organizer, who loves to make lists, just to cross things off? Are you a born communicator, full of structure and do you like to boss some people around now and then? Then you might be who we’re looking for!

Note: you don’t have to be a roller derby coach or player, but interest and commitment in/to the sport is an advantage on top of your managing skills.

Job description:

The Team Belgium manager will be responsible for overviewing everything that’s happening within the team, during events and making sure everyone know when to be where to do what

This ‘job’ requires a lot of investment, time and availability. You are fully committed for a whole year (season 2014-2015). This is a voluntary position, you will not be paid.

This can include (f.e.):

–       Follow-up tasks of league reps
–       Sending out reminders for deadlines
–       Be involved in production of bouts/events
–       Ultimate responsibility during bouts/events (from set-up to clean-up)
–       Communication of schedules towards players/officials/volunteers
–       Being a contact person (internal interleague)
–       The go-to-person for players with questions
–       Follows up on timeline, travel schedule, making sure everyone has a place to sleep
–       …

How do you apply?

Send us an e-mail with your previous experience(s), your motivation & a recommendation letter to We’ll review your application and you’ll be hearing from us asap!


April, 30th of 2014


Official Team Belgium Photographer

We’re looking for YOU!


As you might know, Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby is getting ready to hit it up in Dallas in December this year!

The World Cup is calling and we’d like to bring our very own official Women’s Team Belgium Photographer.

If you’re up for the job and would like to join us to Dallas and take some pictures on and off the track, fill in this application!

Fromout all applications, we’ll launch a vote and the winner will join us!

Before you apply, make sure you’re free and willing to travel around that time, you’ll benefit the same travel arrangments as the skaters/coaches and officials joining us!

You’ll have 2 weeks to register (until 21st of April 2014), where after voting will start.
Final decision will be made by the end of April, which is when we’ll announce the ‘winner’!


Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby