Posted in June 2014

Final Roster & Brand New Logo!

First of all Women’s Team Belgium Roller Derby  is proud to introduce you the final roster of 20 players who will represent Belgium in this year’s Blood & Thunder World Cup 2014  in December in Dallas (Texas, USA)

  • Bhurt #88 (Namur Roller Girls)
  • Bicky Monkey #18
  • Bundy Nelson #1610 (Brussels Derby Pixies)
  • C.C. Titmouse #85 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Charlie McHell #829
  • Cherry Moshpit #07 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Daisy Destroy #8 (Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers)
  • Decat #6  (Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers)
  • Eve’il X #13 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Evil Spin-Her #26 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • FallWafal #90 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Guts’n Glory #68 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Hipshot #89 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Humpme Bogart #00 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Lilo & Stitches #626 (Auld Reekie Roller Girls)
  • Majin Buu #10 (One Love Roller Dolls)
  • Miss Miyagi #86 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Olga Volt #44 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Sandra ButtBlock #36 (Gent GO-GO Roller Girls)
  • Todestrieb #6 (Brussels Derby Pixies)

We’d like to thank all players, officials (refs & nso’s), volunteers, coaches, photographers & fans who trained, helped and attended our practices & events. Belgium might be small, but we’re packed with talent and it showed at several occasions this year!

TB copie (1)

And as you can see we have a brand new logo too!

After a poll amongst the 35-selection, this one got the most votes!
We’d like to thank all artist who’ve sent in their logo-proposals, we enjoyed each and every design received!
Created by a wonderful, young artist & Graphic Designer; Anouk Paepen!
Inspired by Belgium’s most iconic structure, the Atomium, she wanted a recognizable, feminine, yet strong design.
> Check her other work through her site and tweet her some love by using @AnoukPaepen!