Posted in November 2014

RDWC 2014 | Team Belgium Viewing Party Drinking Game

In order to make your viewing experience of our Roller Derby World Cup adventure even more interessting, we’ve created a little drinking game.

Time for US to challenge YOU!

We’ve made a list of all our little habbits on the track, and it’s up to you and your fellow view-ies to keep track of what’s happening and put your lips where the (shot)glasses are! ^^

Don’t forget to cheer, we’re looking forward to your social media posts!

Click the image below to view the poster in A3-format!

(c) Vinciane Pierart

Belgian Roster | Official RDWC Booklet Page

So, we know who we’re up against for our first games, Greece, Australia & Italy, see you on December 6th & 7th in Dallas, Texas!!

Are you as curious as we are on who’ll be representing Belgium in the 2014 Blood & Thunder World Cup in December?

We’re proud to present you to our team’s official booklet page!

Click the image below to get a big pdf that you can download and print as poster to hang alongside your bed! 😉
(All pictures and design are ©Vinciane Pierart aka NSP 189)


All pictures and design are ©Vinciane Pierart aka NSP 189

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RDWC Official Bracket | Belgium’s will face Greece, Australia & Italy first

As you might’ve noticed, the teams have been placed into this year’s 2014 Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup-bracket! Belgium holds their spot in Group 5, alongside Roller Derby Team AustraliaTeam Italy – Roller Derby Italia & Team Greece Roller Derby World Cup. Top 2 of each pool will proceed to the next round, the other 2 will play consolation games.

Our first games will be:
– Thu, December 4 – 5:20 PM (Belgian time) – Belgium vs Greece – Track 2
– Thu, December 4 – 9:30 PM (Belgian time) – Australia vs Belgium – Track 3
– Fri, December 5 – 8:00 PM (Belgian time) – Italy vs. Belgium – Track 2


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