Women’s Team Belgium is proud to introduce you to our official Team Manager; Whip It Goldberg!

Whip it Goldberg is no stranger to Belgian roller derby!

As a skater, NSO & Head Events Committee for the Brussels Derby Pixies, she’s known for her hands-on approach & helping hands!

Within her own league, she’s gathered experience  in Bout Production, Travel Management and organizing various events. She’s organized 2 bootcamps, 4 home bouts and lots of open scrimmages, practices, fresh meat days and public events.

She’s bossy where needed and loves a job well done, carried by the input of all people involved. She’ll facilitate our communication between skaters & coaches and Whip It will help and look out for our team wherever she can.

We’re convinced that she has the right spirit, attitude and simply has what it takes to be our go-to person! We’re very happy and honoured to welcome her as our official Team Manager!

Here’s an updated list on our contacts:


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