Men’s Roller Derby

On March 19th 2011, seven tough roller skaters found each other in Flanders, Belgium, where they played a game of roller derby. They agread to repeat this. As refs or as coaches they are members of leagues in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Men’s roller derby in the Low Countries and its surroundings is very much at the beginning. Now they start low profile. Later on they want to play in bouts.

So, any guys crazy enough to play roller derby? RSVP and the men’s team will invite you to their next practices!

One thought on “Men’s Roller Derby

  1. 2013! Men’s Derby is still growing! There are three teams now, one in Brussels, one in Ghent & one in Mons. So if you want to join one of these three teams. Go to their facebook page and send them a message!

    Brussels –>

    Ghent –>

    Mons –>

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