Fast Girl University

Brussels Derby Pixies is hosting the FIRST European Fast Girls University Bootcamp/Ref Clinic on the 1st & 2nd September 2012:
This is a 2 day minimum of 6 hour a day clinic.
What you can expect is: classes/clinics on skating technique, endurance, jamming, blocking, pack communication,building effective walls, positional blocking, team/individual strategy, injury prevention, off skate exercises, and so much more, to make you a better derby/ref, skater or coach.
Who are the Fast Girl University coaches? Oh, just the awesome:
  • Carmen GetSome : All-Star Rat City MVP
    creator of Getsome Athletics Roller Derby Workout
  • Wile E. Peyote : 2010 Rat City All-Star MVP
    Owner of Fast Girl Skates, Seattle Washington
  • Jewanna Brawl : co-owner of Fast Girl University
  • Sir Osis : Referee WFTDA Nationals Referee
For more info about FGU, visit
The price for each skater is $150 (€113.39), and for coach or referee clinic is $100 USD (€75.59).
Questions? Email us at
Derbylove, and hope you’re ready for one great event we’re hosting, because it will certainly knock you off your skates!

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  1. Victoria Corrigan-Pipoly says:

    These dates are now 1-2 September and now we have ARROW coming too!

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