Mol  Red Hot Cherry Bombs



We train 2 times a week
On Tuesday or Wednesday evening and on saturday afternoon/evening

Sporthal Den Uyt, Rode-Kruislaan 20, 2400 Mol Sporthal Rozenberg,
Rozenberg 2, 2400 Mol (nearby parking Molenhoekstraat)

Red Hot Cherry Bombs is a sparkly shiny new explosive roller derby league in Mol!

It started by 3 girls who wanted to do something new and different and 2
of them going to the One Love Roller Dolls for a fresh meat training.
When this training was finished they decided to start a team of their own
in Mol.
1 other girl joined in on the idea and started working for their first
very own fresh meat day!

The first fresh meat day in October 2013 was a success!
Every 3-4 months a new load of freshies can join in on the fresh meat

We are currently still recruiting for new enthusiastic and dedicated
Please contact or via our facebookpage:

We are a small (for now!), young and strong hearted team that aims to
compete with their fellow sister leagues soon! So watch out chickazzzzz!!

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