Liège  Holy Wheels Menace


Tuesday 19:00 – 21:00

College St François d’Assise 2
Rue Walthère Jamar 102
4430 Ans

When Pieuvre Terror talked for the first time about creating a roller derby league it was more a joke than a serious idea but… after more and more discussions with Suzi Quad’Ro… not one but two roller derby leagues were born! One in Liège, one in Charleroi. After lots of research into this sport, they found there were other leagues in Belgium. So, they decided to create each own non-profit organization.

But let’s talk about the Holy Wheels Menace from Liège now!

This league is born in April 2011. The first days were not so easy…  Indeed, the roller derby didn’t have a unanimous support in Liège. It was really difficult to find a place where to practice and to organize events. They first practiced on the parking of a shopping complex but as you can imagine it wasn’t possible to stay there. So, they start to look for a new hall.

After  this difficult takeoff, the league is finally based in Ans and we are proud to announce that we are ready to spread the good roller derby word.

Good girls go to paradise, Holy Wheels go wherever they want!

4 thoughts on “Liège  Holy Wheels Menace

  1. Amandine says:

    Salut les filles.
    Voilà des mois que je surfe sur le net pr me renseigner sur ce sport mais sans oser sauter le pas. Un article paru ds Flair fini de me convaincre et je me lance…
    Est-il possible de venir assister à un entraînement afin de prendre la température ?
    À très vite j’espère…
    Am’dine 😉

    • fanny AKA Psycho Peach says:

      Bonjour Amandine :) je t’ai envoyé un message réponse :)
      Fanny pour les Holy Wheels Menace

  2. Cerise says:

    Hey girls!
    Est ce que je peux passer vous voir à l’entraînement de mardi prochain? J’adorerais commencer le roller derby…
    A bientot!

    • Psycho Peach says:

      Bonjour Cerise, désolé pour la réponse tardive.
      Nos entrainements ne sont pas ouverts au public.
      Mais tu peux nous envoyer un mail sur notre adresse ou sur notre compte Facebook, et nous te recontacterons pour notre prochain recrutement.
      Bonne journée
      Peach pour les Holy

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