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The high energy, fast paced sport of roller derby would be even more chaotic without the referees keeping order! We are looking for personable individuals with good communication skills to wrangle a rowdy bunch of roller girls as referees.

The main role of a roller derby referee is to keep order on the track. They watch for penalties, keep an eye on the jammer and watch for skaters who go out of bounds or get too far ahead or behind. In a bout situation there is a designated head referee who is the ultimate authority for the match.

Under this referee there are two jammer referees, they each watch a specific jammer. The outside referees stay on the outside of the track to keep tabs on the pack. A handful of pack referees are in place to watch the pack from the inside of the track.

All these officials are on skates, in a striped black and white uniform and have a whistle around their necks or in their mouth. A roller derby referee needs to have a firm grasp of the rules. They commit to weekly aggressive training on skates and display good and fair judgment whilst making calls during scrimmages and bouts.

Do you want to join our revered zebra posse, point your finger at our girls and send them to the penalty box? RSVP and be part of the action!

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