Roller Skates

We skate in quad speed skates. These skates are different than the boot style that are commonly used in artistic skating. We need flexibility in our ankles and the boot skate can limit ankle movement.

The fit of your skates will make all the difference in terms of how much you enjoy your skating experience. Speed boots must fit as tightly as possible without causing pain.

Most skates are sized in men’s sizes. Skates can get pretty expensive but are an investment – so you want to make the right choice and size the first time.

The first patented roller skate was introduced in 1760. The inventor was a  John Joseph Merlin, a Belgian inventor and horologist. His invention did not become very popular. Supplied with a pair of skates and a violin, he impelled himself against a mirror during one of his performances, dashed it to atoms, broke his instrument to pieces and wounded himself severely.

The sound of wheels was heard no more until 1790, when a Parisian metal cutter invented a wheeled skate called patin-a-terre. Later, in 1863, there were two sets of wheels – one set at the heel, the other at the toe. The first patent for a roller skate was issued to a M. Petibled in France in 1819.

So skates started rolling, but slowly – it took the public twenty more years to make skating a phenomenal success. The Germans first made it really popular. Roller skating rinks became popular social gathering places.

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