Protection Gear

The protective gear worn on knees to protect them against impact injury during, e.g., a fall or a strike, or to provide padding for extended kneeling. You fall on your knees all the time in roller derby, sometimes intentionally, other times unexpectedly and often with a lot of force. Get the best, cushiest pads you can afford and learn to skate with them from the very beginning to minimize the chances of knee injury.

Protective padded gear worn on the elbows to protect them against injury during a fall or a strike. Elbow pads must fit.; it is unlikely that you will fall on your elbows very often, but if you do, your pads need to be in place to cushion the impact.

A device to protect the wrist. Wrist guards take a lot of abuse in roller derby – we fall on them, clap with them, wipe sweat off our cheeks with them, grab onto them when we receive “whips”, etc.

Protective gear worn on the head to protect it from injuries. A standard skate/skateboard helmet is the most common choice for roller derby. They are lined with soft foam and are made for multiple impact use and designed to cover more of the back of your head which is ideal for the unexpected backwards falls that can happen in derby.

A protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums. Boil and bite mouthpieces are the most used type of mouthguard; the fit can be costumized by immersing it in hot water until it becomes soft and pliable.

Worn underneath the knee pads. They further protect your knee to precent it from injury and it helps the knee pads in place. They give you more support, padding and warmth to prevent injury. They absorb sweat and are easier to wash than knee pads. Knee gaskets are optional in roller derby.

Specialized garments for the lower body for comfort and safety reasons. Worn underneath your clothes and can help prevent serious injuries to your tailbone and hips. Crash pants tend to not be very comfortable, but are helpful to newer girls to overcome their fears. Crash pants are optional in roller derby.


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